Beach Bliss with friends (ideal for groups of 4-6)

8 Hours of bliss $195 per Person

  • A yoga session,
  • relax with magazines and books’
  • traditional sauna optional
  • group activity of your choice; Ayurveda for Health; Meditation and Yoga Workshop; How to give a Head Massage; Learn to harmonise your energy for good health;Thai Cooking Class)
  • fresh and seasonal gourmet lunch
  • yoga nidra session (deep relaxation),
  • afternoon tea

A revitalising treat for you and your friends. You choose the time of arrival.

A session of yoga as the sun rises ( or later in the day) in the studio nestled amongst natural bush views. After yoga is an introduction to meditation. You will learn techniques to demystify the process as you become mindfully aware of your inner self.

Enjoy a delicious breakfast while you chat with your friends. The whole earth breakfast is a selection of seasonal fruit, cereal topped with a variety of seeds, dried fruits and nuts, toast and homemade conserve and your choice of herbal tea, fresh chai or coffee – to tantalise your taste buds and satisfy your hunger.

Depending on how you feel, there is a choice of a guided nature walk through native bush, with spectacular sea views or maybe you would prefer to swim in Waihi Beach’s safe surf beach or detox in a traditional sauna. Maybe you would like to relax in the sunshine or inside on a comfy couch or recliner.

Options for your group activity include a shorter treatment each while the others relax together with magazines. What ever you wish, your preferences are decided by you.

A flavoursome, appetising lunch is served, made with seasonal produce, taking your preferences into consideration.

Yoga Nidra: Now it is time for you to lie down and make yourself comfortable and warm while you are transported between wakefulness and sleep in a state of deep relaxation in a guided relaxation session..

The day glides on by, finishing with a delicious afternoon tea.